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Event Duration : 8/23 ~ 9/6, 2021

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Special Art NFT

The Special Art NFT has two major in-metaverse functions.
1. When registering a Special Art NFT, you can get DENA that accumulates over time through the art farming function.
2. When this is attached to a DeNations Art NFT, EXP Speed of the NFT is boosted.

Detail description

Step 1

The winner will be announced via DeNations official Discord server #event channel.

The artist will update the drop date of new pieces of NFT artwork on artist's Instagram.

Step 2

Click the button or copy the URL of the current page & Paste the copied URL on your social media channels.

*Minimum requirement: Paste the URL at least once. 

*The more referral links you create, the higher chance to win. 

*Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, NFT community pages, forums, blogs, etc. will be counted as valid.

Step 3

Typeform questions will ask you to provide the referral links that you embedded our URL.

Important Note

  • Event Duration : 8/23 ~ 9/6, 2021.
  • This event is RANDOM DRAW based, but the more referral links you created, the higher chance to be won. 
  • 100% Winning Rule: If participants have ever made a bid or purchased any art/digital art/NFTs on an auction platform, they will get free Special Art NFT after providing a valid TxHash as a proof.
  • At the time of the snapshot, only active and trackable links will be counted as valid links. 
  • At the time of the snapshot, broken links will not be counted as valid links.
  • Participants who engage in fraudulent activities that interfere with the operation of the event may be excluded from the event benefits.
  • Compensation may not be paid to users who do not meet the required conditions after the event ends.
  • The event may be changed or terminated depending on the circumstance.
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